Premium Listings on the Vintage Directory

I’m happy to say that the We Heart Vintage Directory has been a roaring success in the few weeks since it was launched. I’ve had quite a few requests from people wanting their listings to stand out a little more and particularly to be able to add images to their listings, so I’ve added Premium Listings!

What’s so different about a Premium Listing?

A Premium Listing (otherwise know as a ‘Featured Listing’) helps you and your site to really stand out.

There are four main differences from a regular FREE listing:

  • All Premium Listings are moved to the top of the listings page – both the directory homepage and within each category you’re listed under.
  • You can add a photo to your listings entry (see below) and also add up to 3 photos to your site’s directory page (see the screenshot at the bottom of the screen).
  • Your listing is highlighted, both on the listings homepages and on your site’s directory page.
  • You’ll also receive mentions on We Heart Vintage.  Whenever I’m looking for vintage items to feature in articles, I always choose from my blogs sponsors first, I figure it’s the least I can do!
Premium Listing on We Heart Vintage Directory

This is how a Premium Listing shows on the listings page of the Vintage Directory

Will I be right at the top of the listings?

The Premium Listings are shown at the top of each listings page, but will still be shown in alphabetical order. I understand that this might be annoying if your company name begins with a Z, but it will simply make more sense to the Vintage Directory readers. However with a Premium Listing you are guaranteed to be shown on the first page of each section you’re listed in.

Are there limited spaces?

Yes. Once the first 10 Premium Listings have been sold in each category I won’t be selling any more.

That sounds great! How much do I pay?

A Premium Listing on the We Heart Vintage Directory is $35 per year. This includes a Premium Listing on every section you’re listed on – as long as there are available slots.

Premium Listing on the We Heart Vintage Directory

This is an example of a Premium Listing’s directory page

Amazing, how do I buy a Premium Listing?

Simple! Click here to buy your Premium Listing! Once you’ve placed your order I’ll be in touch to help design your Premium Directory listing!

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